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Wealth knows no gender, that is why at Female Founders Initiative – MEA we are a premier networking platform for Middle Eastern and African businesswomen looking to promote their brand. It is a platform that amplifies female leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ voices to drive change and improve economic outcomes. We also understand that an injection of feminine business would add trillions to the economy

We focus on building a strong platform and offer:

  • Investment opportunities in the Middle East and Africa and how burgeoning businesswomen can thrive

  • Investor matchmaking and business projects referrals within our network

  • Startup Bootcamp classes tailor-made for female entrepreneurs within the MEA region

  • Brand promotion and marketing for our member network    

  • Mentorship programs

Our Mission

We don’t compete, we collaborate

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Our Mantra

Be associated with women who would mention your in a room full of opportunities

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Dear Female Business Leader or aspiring female entrepreneur, we have made it our mandate to grow a like-minded community. Whether you need emotional business support or business coaching and seek an understanding of your business finances, our female founder’s community is a safe space where we share, learn, and grow. Here, we collaborate, we do not compete.



2020 | Business Finance Leader of the Year – She Awards

2020 | Best Full-Service Bookkeeping & VAT Services Company, UAE – MEA Markets

2020 | Best Brand of the Year – Women World Wide Do Dubai

2020 | Top 50 Women in Management Awards in Africa


ROSHEEN NGORIMA  |  President and CEO

Rosheen is an entrepreneur by practice, an accountant and  Finance Expert, Founder, and Managing Director of an accounting and full services business firm  Neeps Consulting Services FZ-LLC 


She is based in the UAE, a hub for international business, many of which led by women and is a member of Dubai Business Women Council and UNWomen Business Mentor


She is a visionary and insightful finance leader with the proven ability to build innovative experiences rooted in empathy that make an organization's mission come to life


She also leads Female Founders Initiative Middle East & Africa as a Founder and President 


It is a platform she created for women with the hope that women could amplify their voices in the corporate space.


Where they collaborate, network, and form healthy business partnerships. Before venturing into mainstream entrepreneurship, She struggled to establish a web of connections to step up. She soon realized this to be an obstacle to many businesswomen.


That gave birth to the  (FFI-MEA). It seeks to bring solutions and be a voice to female business leaders in the workplace

Rosheen sits on various boards as a progressive advisor and has been recently appointed  a Business Mentor with UNWomen

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