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13 - 20 July 2023

So Why China?
China has an enviable record of producing successful businesswomen and leads the way in terms of number of female billionaires. The nation is well set up to promote their ambitions.
So, we will go and learn.
Who should attend this trip?
• Those in retail business
• Those who want to learn and master the supply chain system in China to Africa
Sponsored by our partner BEYOND BORDERS LOGISTICS CEO Ms Thelma Chimbganda who ships from China to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Containers will be available for immediate shipping to your home country during the trip.
So, don’t miss out on accessing quality suppliers and an opportunity to improve your sourcing process.
This June we are opening doors to travel with 25 women to China, on a business mission to meet suppliers and create strong business relationships with them.
Date: from the 13th to the 20th of July 2023.

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