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Riding the Waves of Change: Navigating the Ever-Evolving Creative Industry With Gofaone Modise

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

1. "Inbound Media" is your digital marketing agency. What inspired you to start this venture, and what unique approach does it bring to social media management for clients?

I embarked on the journey of founding 'Inbound Media' driven by a mix of curiosity and necessity – a humble beginning marked by financial constraints (laughs). On a serious note, my exploration into media and editorial work naturally evolved into a passion for branding, podcasting, writing, and moderation. The initial question of 'what if' became pivotal: What if I offer curated social media management for a specific region? What if I bring strategy and structure to this seemingly ambiguous concept? The journey unfolded, revealing answers as I strived to serve. Every opportunity to provide excellent service remains a source of gratitude, with the intention always rooted in making a meaningful impact.

2. Your podcast, "Conversations with Gofaone," is a platform for meaningful discussions. Could you share some of the most memorable conversations or guests you've had on your podcast and the key takeaways from those discussions?

My podcast, 'Conversations with Gofaone,' spanning multiple seasons, has provided a platform for enriching discussions with remarkable individuals and their inspiring journeys. Particularly memorable were conversations addressing the experiences of black youth in the Diamond industry and the realms of creativity, encompassing music and art. Hailing from Botswana, a significant diamond-producing nation, I had the privilege of interviewing diamantaires from South Africa, delving beyond their entrepreneurial narratives. I explored the parallel between the transformative journey of a diamond, undergoing a meticulous process, and the entrepreneurial path, especially for black individuals facing seemingly insurmountable odds. These conversations not only shed light on unique industry insights but also drew powerful parallels between the resilience required in both the diamond-making process and the entrepreneurial journey.

3. As someone deeply involved in the creative and entrepreneurial worlds, how do you balance your various ventures and manage your time effectively?

In navigating the diverse realms of creativity and entrepreneurship, achieving a perfect balance is quite the challenge! (Laughs!) My strategy involves a mindful approach—jotting down tasks, holding myself accountable, and ensuring I'm in the right mental and physical space before diving into work. Admittedly, I don't always hit the mark, and there are moments I turn down opportunities to prevent overwhelm. So far, the journey involves a continuous process of learning and growth, which, for me, takes precedence. It's worth noting that this seemingly relaxed self-management approach might not be a one-size-fits-all solution.

4. Entrepreneurship often comes with its set of challenges. Can you share some of the challenges you've faced in your journey and how you've overcome them?

In my entrepreneurial journey, I've encountered challenges that shaped my perspective. Embracing Tony Robbins' wisdom that 'Business is a Spiritual Game' highlighted the profound impact of my mindset on productivity and ultimately, the rewards. I've made youthful missteps, and while they held little monetary weight, they provided invaluable lessons. I've come to appreciate that mistakes are a necessary part of the journey. The entrepreneurial path, once daunting, now feels less intimidating as I've learned that challenges are a natural part of the process, and with grit and perseverance, overcoming them becomes not only possible but a catalyst for growth.

5. What's your vision for the future for "Inbound Media," and "Conversations with Gofaone"?

How do you see these ventures evolving and making an impact in their respective niches?

For 'Inbound Media,' the future holds a promising journey of growth and expansion, with a focus on enhancing structure. Our vision includes extending services to encompass personal branding, holistic marketing, and leveraging podcasting as a powerful marketing tool. As for 'Conversations with Gofaone,' 2024 brings excitement, marked by a commitment to consistency and a quest to explore untapped narratives within the African sphere. Our goal is to appreciate and share the diverse stories this continent has to offer, making a meaningful impact in the podcasting landscape.

6. In the world of podcasting and content creation, what advice would you give to aspiring

podcasters and content creators looking to make their mark and build an engaged audience?

Embrace the essence of authenticity in your podcasting journey. Your unique voice, coupled with

genuine passion, has the power to resonate deeply. Remember, the key isn't just in what you say but

in the sincerity with which you say it. Connect with your audience on a profound level, and as Wayne

Dyer would say, 'Don't die with your music still inside you.' Let your podcast be the melody of your

authenticity, reaching hearts and leaving an indelible mark on those who tune in.

7. Your work involves connecting with people from various backgrounds. How do you foster

collaboration and maintain an open-minded approach when working with clients and podcast guests?

In cultivating collaboration with clients and podcast guests, I prioritize open communication and a

proactive approach. Establishing a professional yet approachable atmosphere is crucial. Actively

listening to their needs, being adaptable, and demonstrating g a genuine interest in their perspectives

fosters a positive working relationship. This ensures that the collaboration is built on mutual respect and understanding, ultimately contributing to successful outcomes and meaningful connections in

both client projects and podcast discussions.

8. The creative industry is constantly evolving. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and

strategies to ensure that your services remain current and effective?

To stay abreast of the dynamic trends in the creative industry, I maintain a proactive approach to

continuous learning. Regularly engaging with industry publications, attending relevant conferences,

and participating in professional networks keeps me informed about the latest strategies.

Additionally, fostering collaborations with fellow professionals allows for the exchange of insights.

This commitment to ongoing education ensures that my services evolve alongside industry trends,

providing clients with current and effective solutions.

9. To close, can you share a powerful story or an example of how your work with "Inbound

Media," or your podcast has made a positive impact on the creative and entrepreneurial community you serve?

Absolutely, our case studies are living proof of the impact 'Inbound Media' has made on the creative

and entrepreneurial community we serve. Through strategic campaigns and personalized

approaches, we've witnessed businesses transform and thrive. Clients have reported increased brand visibility, engagement, and tangible growth. These real-world examples stand as a testament to our

commitment to delivering results and making a positive impact within the dynamic landscape of

creativity and entrepreneurship.

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