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Shining a Light on Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate: Marli Du Toit

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

In a world where adversity strikes unexpectedly, some individuals rise above the challenge, not only surviving but thriving, and becoming beacons of inspiration for others. One such remarkable individual is Marli Du Toit, a breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur, and devoted mother. On this Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we spotlight her journey, from diagnosis to advocacy, and her transformative initiative, Punch for Pink.

A Courageous Journey Marli's breast cancer diagnosis came as a shock in 2020, during the hard lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently divorced, unemployed due to financial constraints, and young and fairly healthy, her world seemed to crumble. Facing a future she had never imagined, she embarked on an arduous journey.

Overcoming Unimaginable Challenges Marli's journey was marked by profound physical and emotional changes. She lost her hair and lashes, which shattered her sense of femininity. This transformation made her confront an even more challenging aspect: explaining to her daughter that she was not going to die. The journey, she recalls, had its darkest days, filled with pain, sadness, and exhaustion, where the unfairness of it all seemed overwhelming.

Punch for Pink: A Spark of Resilience Amidst the pandemic and her diagnosis, Marli turned to social media, sharing her story and finding solace in the online community. Her journey caught the attention of Reach for Recovery, a cancer awareness organization, leading her to become their ambassador. Inspired by the impact she could make and supported by her community, Marli founded Punch for Pink. This empowering initiative helps women regain their confidence and feminine strength while battling cancer, all while embracing fashion and glitter.

Making an Impact

Punch for Pink is not just about words; they back their commitment with action. In the previous year, they raised an astounding R300,000 for breast cancer awareness, surgeries, and research. And the momentum continues with an upcoming fashion show that promises to be a grand celebration of life. Attendees can enjoy local vendors, self-check instructions on bras for early detection, and, most importantly, the sense of community that is crucial for those on their journey.

A Hopeful Future Marli's vision extends far beyond her current accomplishments. She dreams of a world where breast cancer is eradicated, and Punch for Pink's message of strength and gentleness goes international. Her optimism for the future is an inspiration to us all.

Words of Encouragement To those recently diagnosed, Marli shares this powerful message: "There is power in community. Find your allies in this battle, and you will come out on the other side as pure gold."

To learn more about Marli Du Toit's inspiring journey and the impactful work of Punch for Pink, visit her LinkedIn profile:

Don't miss the upcoming Punch for Pink Fashion Show; get your tickets here:

It's a celebration of resilience, a tribute to survivors, and a step towards a world without breast cancer.

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