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We don't compete, We collaborate

Female Founders Initiative - Middle East and Africa (FFI-MEA) is a women economic empowerment organisation focused on giving female business leaders access to international markets. We are a transformative community that helps women and girls move from limited power, voice, and choice at home and in the economy to having the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to compete equitably in markets.

Our mission is to help women within the Middle East and Africa region to start, build, and get access to fund their startup companies.



Welcome to our Female Founders Initiative (Middle East & Africa), where we shine a spotlight on the incredible women entrepreneurs of the Middle East and Africa. Each week, we proudly feature three outstanding female founders who are making waves in their respective industries.

Meet our inspiring founders of the week:

These remarkable women are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and leaving a lasting impact on their communities. Join us in celebrating their achievements and supporting their ventures as we continue to uplift and inspire female entrepreneurs across the Middle East and Africa.



Seychelles Business Retreat | 23 - 27 November 2023

Join us for an unforgettable experience at the Seychelles Business Retreat, exclusively designed for female founders. Connect with like-minded women, gain valuable insights, and take your business to the next level in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.


FFI-MEA brings together people with different competences. Within our community, you will find both motivation to conquer new heights and receive help from mentors who are more experienced in your field. Our goal is to support fellow female entrepreneurs within the Middle East and Africa Region, equip and support them to enter international markets

We proudly support our members through creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs to connect to an economic and community ecosystem, facilitate business to reach and serve the Middle Eastern and African marketplace, and speed up businesses to grow and expand in the Middle East and African region. We aim to position Female Founders as relevant players and are able to compete on a global platform.

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Lisa N

Female Founders Initiative Middle East & Africa offers small business owners like me an open, welcoming platform of other professionals to exchange business ideas and discuss about current business issues. In addition to the valuable information and companionship of other like-minded business owners, I consider FFIMEA as a crucial component in the marketing of my company

Clarah M

Female Founders Initiative Middle East & Africa is indeed one of a kind. Now can evaluate the success of our marketing campaigns. The staff comprehends your requirements and responds with a quick turnaround solution. Working with them is a delight

Thelma C

I strongly recommend any SME to consider the Female Founders Initiative Middle East & Africa. After experimenting with different organizations, I discover that FFIMEA meets all the criteria. Referrals, networking, friendship, and like-minded entrepreneurs who will ask for your opinion and offer you insightful feedback that enables you to expand your business acumen by applying real-world experience

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