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Meet The Trailblazing Woman Empowering Moms To Pursue Their Business Dreams!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Mary Abena Serwaa Dickson, a seasoned marketing expert and founder of WeMompreneurs, is on a mission to support and empower moms in the entrepreneurial space. With over ten years of experience in the IT sector and expertise in business consulting, digital marketing, and content creation, Mary is dedicated to helping mothers achieve their goals and find fulfillment in their entrepreneurial endeavors. In this article, we had the opportunity to ask Mary some questions about her personal journey, the impact of WeMompreneurs, and her vision for the future.

1. Mary, can you share more about your personal journey that led to the creation of "We Mompreneur" and the passion behind empowering moms in the entrepreneurial space?

The inspiration behind the creation of “WeMompreneur'' and my deep commitment to empowering moms in the entrepreneurial space originated from my personal upbringing. Growing up in a large family, I had the privilege of supporting and witnessing the journey of some few relatives who were mothers. One particularly impactful experience was assisting my older sister with her children during her business trips, meetings, and work commitments. Through this, I gained first hand exposure to the invaluable network she had cultivated as a business owner, and even at a young age, I knew that I desired a similar experience as I grew older. These experiences ignited a profound passion within me, which, combined with my admiration for mothers in business, led me to take a significant step forward in 2015. I created a blog with the intention of sharing personal experiences and connecting mothers in business to the appropriate networks, resources, and opportunities. Witnessing mothers triumph as they pursue their dreams, achieve their goals, and find fulfillment brings me immense joy. Throughout the years, the WeMompreneur community has flourished into a formidable force, and we are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of the mothers we engage with on a daily basis, acknowledging the divine blessings that have enabled us to do so.

2. "We Mompreneur" has likely impacted the lives of many moms. Can you share some success stories or examples of how the organization has made a positive difference for the women involved?

I am thrilled to share some of the impactful initiatives and achievements that WeMompreneurs has accomplished, specifically in relation to the impact it’s had in the lives of moms. We have indirectly and directly empowered our community members through various initiatives we have run over the past few years.

As part of our 5th Anniversary in 2020 , we partnered with over 30 business brands to run an exciting giveaway with our online community which saw us giving away different products to our followers. During the anniversary, we distributed 5 Post Pregnancy Kit bags for free to expectant mothers within the WeMompreneurs community, providing them with essential material and support during this special time.

We also gave away beautiful products from some of our community members and followers as a way to also promote their business to our audience to create more awareness for business.

In order to enhance the personalities of our community members, we organized a personal branding and corporate photoshoot session to educate them on the importance of paying attention to their personal brands and its impact on our businesses. This opportunity allowed them to enhance their professional image and showcase their businesses effectively.

Additionally, since 2018, we have supported over 30 moms with social media consultancy and services, equipping them with the necessary skills to enhance their online presence and grow their businesses. These initiatives and services are just a glimpse of the positive impact WeMompreneurs has had on the community. We are dedicated to continuously supporting and empowering moms in their entrepreneurial pursuits, and we look forward to creating even more opportunities for growth and success in the future.

3. Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted journey. In your experience, what are some key aspects of support and resources that moms often need as they navigate both motherhood and entrepreneurship?

As moms navigate the challenging journey of both motherhood and entrepreneurship, there are several key aspects of support and resources that can greatly benefit them. Based on my experiences and through interactions with some of our community members, , here are a few areas where moms often require assistance:

First of all, access to other experienced moms in business who share similar goals or aspirations who can provide guidance and support is so important on the journey. There is that feeling of hope knowing that someone took that same part you are on as a mom in business and came out successful. It gives some level of hope to mothers knowing that no matter how tough the journey gets, with the right support and direction they will be able to overcome challenges and obstacles. In these times , technology, networking groups and communities focused on empowering women has played an instrumental role in unearthing a lot of hidden talents in mom entrepreneurs which has been very helpful.

Another crucial aspect of support that a lot of moms require is child care support. It is very important to find a way to balance the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship on this journey and this will require having access to reliable and supportive childcare options. Mothers in business can thrive when they have a network of trusted caregivers who can help alleviate the stress of managing both responsibilities simultaneously.

As a mom and small business owner , I know how important it is to also have access to financial resources to run that business. When more of these opportunities are given to mothers in the form of funding opportunities, grants, loans, or microfinance programs specifically designed for women entrepreneurs, it can provide the necessary capital to invest in most of these mom entrepreneur ventures. Addressing these key aspects of support and resources can help moms navigate the journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship with greater confidence, resilience, and success.

4.Beyond challenges, there are triumphs. Can you highlight a moment or initiative within "We Mompreneur" that you are particularly proud of and that reflects the essence of your mission?

The final launch of the WeMompreneurs Digital magazine was a moment that I am particularly proud of and that reflects the essence of our mission of empowering mothers in business. Putting together the magazine was a challenging task that we had to overcome and for over 2 years, we were not making any progress in highlighting the world of some of the amazing women in our community. However, this year, we set a target for ourselves to launch the magazine during our 8th anniversary.

Despite the challenges, we were able to successfully launch the magazine and the support we received on our social media platforms was massive helping us reach over 200 reads that day across 3 different countries. This achievement brought a feeling of confidence and fulfillment to our mom contributors. They felt proud of the work they had put in to make the magazine a reality. This moment also did not only highlight the incredible women in our community but also empowered them to believe in themselves and their abilities. It was a significant milestone in our journey and a testament to the strength and collaborative spirit we want to nurture in our community.

5. The landscape of entrepreneurship for women can vary across regions. What unique opportunities or challenges have you observed for women entrepreneurs in Ghana, and how does "WeMompreneurs" address these?

In Ghana, there are both unique opportunities and challenges for women entrepreneurs. One of the opportunities is the growing recognition of the importance of women's economic empowerment. The government and various organizations and agencies have implemented initiatives to support women in entrepreneurship, such as providing access to funding, training, and mentorship programs. However, there are still a few challenges that women entrepreneurs face in Ghana. One major challenge is limited access to finance. Women often struggle to secure loans or investment capital due to factors such as lack of collateral, limited financial literacy, and gender biases in the financial sector. This could be a factor that can hinder their ability to start or grow their businesses.

Additionally, societal expectations and cultural norms can create barriers for women in business, such as balancing family responsibilities and societal expectations of gender roles. "We Mompreneurs" addresses these challenges by providing a supportive community and platform for women entrepreneurs in Ghana. Through our network, women can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and access mentorship opportunities. We also provide resources and training to enhance their business skills and financial literacy through our E-learning platform in collaboration with Knowledge Resor. Furthermore, at WeMompreneurs we aim to change the narrative around women in business and challenge traditional gender roles. By showcasing the achievements and stories of successful women entrepreneurs, we inspire and empower others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Our aim is to address the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Ghana by providing a supportive community, resources, and advocacy for gender equality. We strive to create an environment where women can thrive and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

6. For moms considering entrepreneurship, what piece of advice or encouragement would you offer based on your experiences with "WeMompreneurs"?

I would advise mothers who are thinking about starting their own business to have confidence in their own skills and abilities. Have faith in your ability, drive, and resolve to succeed as an entrepreneur. Establishing a business might be difficult, but you can get past any challenges you face if you have the correct attitude and assistance. Additionally, I would advise mothers to look for a community that supports them so they can interact with people who share their interests and who can relate to the particular difficulties and rewards of being a mompreneur. Having a network of encouraging people around you can help you along the way as an entrepreneur by offering you helpful counsel, direction, and support. It's also critical to have an open mind and a commitment to lifelong learning. Utilize the tools, seminars, and mentoring programs available to you to expand your business acumen and remain current with market trends. Adopt a growth mentality and show yourself open to changing as your company expands. Always remember to put self-care first and strike a balance between your personal and work lives. Although being a mompreneur might be difficult, it's important to look after your physical, mental, and emotional needs. Establish limits, assign responsibilities when needed, and schedule time for enjoyable and relaxing pursuits. Finally, don't be scared to venture outside of your comfort zone and take chances. Being an entrepreneur means having guts and being ready to face uncertainty. To grow your company, follow your gut and don't be afraid to take measured chances.

7. Building a community is essential. How do you foster collaboration and mutual support among the moms in the "WeMompreneurs" network?

Fostering collaboration and mutual support among the moms in the "WeMompreneurs" network is a key aspect of our community. We strive to create an environment where moms can connect, share experiences, and support each other in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Online Forums and Groups helps the moms to interact, ask questions, and share their experiences. These platforms serve as a space for collaboration, where moms can seek advice, offer support, and share resources with one another.

Once a while we organize mini training sessions on various topics related to entrepreneurship. These sessions not only provide valuable knowledge and skills but also create opportunities for moms to collaborate, learn from each other, and share their expertise.

We also encourage mothers to share resources and tools that have been helpful in their entrepreneurial journey. This sharing of resources fosters collaboration and mutual support by providing valuable information and insights to fellow mompreneurs.

We also make it a point to celebrate the success of our community members. We do this by celebrating the successes and achievements of our mompreneurs within the community. By highlighting and recognizing their accomplishments, we create a supportive and encouraging environment that motivates and inspires others in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

8. Looking into the future, what do you hope to achieve with "We Mompreneur," and how do you envision the organization continuing to make a positive impact on moms and families?

We believe that by providing resources, networking opportunities, and features,WeMompreneurs can assist moms in navigating the challenges of balancing work and family life. In terms of impact, WeMompreneurs has the potential to empower mothers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while also being present for their families. This can result in greater financial independence, personal fulfillment, and serving as a positive role model for their children. Furthermore, the organization can advocate for policies and initiatives that benefit working mothers, such as flexible work arrangements, affordable childcare, and equal business opportunities. WeMompreneurs can make a lasting positive impact on moms and families by continuing to foster a sense of community, providing valuable resources, and advocating for change, ultimately creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for Mompreneurs.

9. In your role as the founder, what have been some of the most rewarding moments or lessons you've learned from leading "We Mompreneur"?

Some rewarding moments is the positive feedback I get from some of our community members, and the opportunities that through WeMompreneurs I am able to connect some of our members to. These moments can be incredibly fulfilling and reinforce the importance of the organization’s mission. For lessons learned, I have discovered the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from bringing together a diverse group of moms with different skills and experiences. I have also gained insights into the challenges faced by moms who are entrepreneurs, such as the juggling act of managing work and family responsibilities. This understanding continues to help shape our programs and initiatives to better address these challenges. This community has also connected with me a lot of amazing women who also encourage me on this journey.

10. How can individuals who resonate with the mission of "We Mompreneur" get involved or support the organization, and what role can they play in contributing to the empowerment of mompreneurs?

We welcome individuals who resonate with our mission and are willing to get involved and support “WeMompreneurs”. One way to help empower mompreneurs is to become a mentor, which can happen when people are willing and ready to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with aspiring mompreneurs. These experiences can be extremely beneficial in navigating the challenges of starting and running a business while juggling family responsibilities. One-on-one sessions, workshops, and online platforms can all be used for mentoring. Another way to help "We Mompreneur" is to donate your time and expertise. We frequently have events, workshops, and programs that require help with event planning, marketing, or content creation. Volunteering allows you to make a direct contribution to the growth and success of mompreneurs in our community.We believe every small contribution can make a significant impact on the lives of mompreneurs and their families. You can reach us on 0249879525 or email us for collaboration and partnerships. Visit to read more about us.

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