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Call for Mentor Applications

This Programme is proudly sponsored by TRIPLE A GROUP

After an intense 6 weeks mentorship journey, the three top rated mentees will receive support in the form of seed funding and scale support grants amounting to $10000 each

Empower Female Founders!

Are you a seasoned professional looking to make a meaningful impact? We are excited to invite experienced individuals to join our mentorship program dedicated to empowering female founders!

About Us:
We are a vibrant community committed to fostering the success of women-led businesses. Our mentorship initiative aims to provide guidance, insights, and support to a group of talented female entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of building and scaling their ventures.

Mentor Responsibilities:

Share your wealth of knowledge and expertise.
Provide guidance on business strategy, leadership, and problem-solving.
Foster a supportive and empowering environment.
Help mentees navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Seize this opportunity to unlock your full entrepreneurial potential and join a supportive community of like-minded women entrepreneurs!

Why Mentor with Us?

Contribute to the success of the next generation of female leaders.
Expand your professional network and make meaningful connections.
Stay informed about emerging trends and innovations in diverse industries.
Leave a lasting legacy by empowering women in entrepreneurship.


Join us in creating a more inclusive and empowered entrepreneurial landscape!

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