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Embracing Healing: Dr. Alexis M. Davis's Global Wellness Expedition

Dr. Alexis M. Davis, also known as Dr. Reliable Jewel, hails from Kansas City, Missouri. Trained as a clinical psychologist, she integrates African-centered perspectives into her wellness coaching. In 2021, Alexis embraced her identity as a global African citizen, pursuing healing abroad. She hosts podcasts, conducts healing sessions, and curates transformative experiences, resonating with diverse audiences worldwide. Alexis's retreats promise transformative experiences beyond borders, embodying healing and resilience.

1. Dr. Alexis, your journey from clinical psychologist to Wellness Curator and Coach is truly inspiring. What led you to embrace your identity as a global African citizen,

and how has this influenced your approach to wellness?

Thank you for this question. First, the decision to embrace the identity of a global African citizen came with accepting all of who I am and not who someone or a system has told me I am or should be.

During a conversation with Charlotte "Mama C" O'Neil at UACC, the concept of being a Global African resonated deeply. It signifies alignment with nature and a recognition of our history beyond enslavement, where we identified as Kings, Queens, Chiefs, or royalty.

This understanding shapes my approach to wellness, embracing natural modalities and exploring the inner workings of our DNA as Global Africans. Living in an African country and intending to travel the continent and beyond allows me to focus on experiences and extract gifts from trauma. While trauma processing is essential, integrating these gifts into daily life empowers us to shine in our God-given purpose

2. As The Healer's Healing guide, your mission revolves around sharing your healing gifts with the world. How did your personal journey of liberating yourself from trauma shape this mission, and what inspired you to become a multifaceted healer?

Wow, such a great question I tell you. My journey of liberation from trauma began with acknowledging the experiences that shaped me and seeking therapy, wellness sessions, and guidance from elders. It involved confronting and releasing the areas of myself that held on to pain, recognizing that these experiences propelled me toward my divine purpose.

Peeling back the layers of trauma allowed me to discover myself, though I acknowledge that complete healing is ongoing. Surrounded by elders who forged their paths unapologetically, I found inspiration to become a multifaceted healer, recognizing the rich diversity of our beginnings and expressions. This realization led me to prioritize cultural embeddedness in healing, prompting me to pursue further education at The Institute of African-Centered Thought (iACT) and eventually embark on entrepreneurship. From podcasting to organizing retreats and corporate wellness services, I aim to share my healing gifts and expand the boundaries of traditional healing paradigms.

3. Hosting hip-hop wellness parties is a unique and intriguing aspect of your work. Can you delve into how these events came about, and what role music and culture play in the transformative experiences you curate for participants?

Hosting Hip-Hop wellness parties began during my time at a Predominantly White University's counseling center, coinciding with the launch of the Bblvk Jewel podcast. Hip-hop has been integral to my life, shaping my dissertation focus on its healing elements. Music, especially hip-hop, has always been a part of my upbringing, serving as a platform for expression and connection within my community.

Recognizing the harm inflicted by corporate narratives in hip-hop, I sought to reclaim its essence as a tool for expression and healing. Witnessing the struggles of African students at the university, I organized Hip Hop wellness parties to aid in their healing and identity development. These events, hosted in collaboration with Crystal Swearingen, offered a unique space for curated playlists and interactive activities centered around wellness dimensions.

Moving forward, I aim to explore the healing components of hip-hop further, integrating techniques like cardiac coherence to examine its impact on the mind-body connection. These wellness parties stand as a testament to the transformative power of hip-hop as a medium for healing and self-expression

4. Your commitment to global healing is evident through hosting retreats in both the States and Africa. Can you share a specific story or moment from one of these retreats that stands out, illustrating the impact it had on participants?

One of my favorite moments from a retreat that stands out to me was at the first retreat I hosted in Tanzania. The women had submitted their informational packet and as a part of it they were to list music and/or artists they listened to at different mood points. So we started with a fire talk after a lovely welcome dinner and workshop.

So picture this memory with me; we’re all headed outside and I begin to play a song that everyone is familiar with so as soon as the beat dropped all of us had our own bop going on. And we moved to the fire until we were all around the fire dancing and laughing and encouraging each other to let everything flow through dance (of course a twerk was thrown in there now and then). Mind you, there were women who manifested in the United States, who manifested in the UK by way of Jamaica, women who manifested in Jamaica, and Tanzania! I remember at one point standing next to the eldest woman present and seeing her smile so huge and say “Wow we are all really the same.” This sparked a moment of gratitude among us all in the glory of what I would say was a moment of honoring the experience of global Africans.

As we listened to music from all of the different manifested points, we saw the similarities in rhythm, dance, in expression and we also honored the differences. Moments of being seen in this way to me are what healing and curating a Global African community means. Yes, we have a lot of work to do. Yes, we have a lot of organizing and healing to do. We also have to create time in the midst of this to laugh with each other to create balms for each other through what comes natural to us all, creating and expressing creation. 

5. The unveiling of your 2024-2025 retreat schedule is exciting news. What themes or transformative experiences can participants anticipate, and how do you plan to transcend geographical boundaries with these retreats?

Thank you, I am very excited and grateful to be able to curate these retreats with the beautiful team that supports this initiative. Overall, healees who engage in the retreats can expect life-changing experiences and connections that will become a catalyst for their continued growth. Specifically for the Restoring Intimacy Couples retreat, taking place in June 2024, couples can expect to strengthen their relationships while exploring new dimensions of intimacy. This retreat will take place in Tanzania across three different cities (Zanzibar, Tanga, and Dar es Salaam). The retreats in 2025 will focus solely on uplifting and restoring the divine feminine energy through four women-centered retreats. 

The May retreat, Restoring the Divine Feminine, will be held in Zanzibar, Nairobi, and ​Malawi, and will focus on aligning black women with their highest selves through fun ​and wellness sessions.

The June retreat is a Mother-Daughter Retreat paired with a ten-week wellness ​program aimed at empowering girls and women of African descent in Tanzania and ​the States.

The July retreat is a Suicide Prevention Retreat hosted in Jamaica in partnership with ​Amberizons, targeting African-descended women who have ​experienced suicide. This is specifically for mothers who may have experienced suicidal thoughts, attempts, or a transition of a child or loved one. This is in honor of a sister of mine and means a lot to my heart. 

And lastly, the August retreat is the W.I.S.E. Women Retreat in Bali, Indonesia, a ​culminating event for women who complete the W.I.S.E. women program, which ​provides an incubator for African-descended women to grow through their wellness ​journey. This retreat will serve as an intensive experience after completion of the ten-week program. Women will be able to network and tap into the transformed gifts they have identified during the ten-week program. 

Essentially, this is a ten-year plan to utilize retreats as a healing modality for people of African descent. I am curious about the rejuvenating experiences of travel and how they can be an aid in the healing journey. Furthermore, I believe due to our communal roots, healing in group settings facilitates divine acceleration in our journeys. Largely because we can serve as mirrors for each other. Being reflected with love and compassion creates a vulnerability that may take longer in an individual setting. 

6. In your role as a Wellness Curator and Coach, you offer podcasts, reiki sessions, and guideship. How do these various modalities work together to foster personal growth and empowerment for your clients, and what sets your approach apart in the wellness space?

As a Wellness Curator and Coach, my approach integrates podcasts, Reiki sessions, and guideship to foster holistic personal growth and empowerment for clients. Podcasts serve as an accessible platform for disseminating valuable insights and techniques, nurturing awareness and understanding on diverse wellness topics.

Reiki sessions offer deep healing and rejuvenation by harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit through channeling universal life force energy. Clients often experience profound peace, clarity, and vitality post-session, catalyzing their personal transformation journey. Guideship provides personalized support and accountability, empowering clients to identify goals, overcome challenges, and cultivate sustainable habits for overall well-being.

What distinguishes my approach is its integrative and client-centered nature, tailored to individual needs and experiences. By combining modalities such as podcasts, Reiki, and guideship, I offer a comprehensive wellness framework that honors the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. My ultimate aim is to equip clients with self-awareness, resilience, and vitality, enabling them to thrive across all facets of life

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